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What is OUR Storytelling
What is OUR Storytelling

Woods Fund Chicago presents

What is OUR Storytelling

April 4, 2018

Chicago History Museum

3:00-4:30 RACE exhibit

4:30 Reception with light snacks and cash bar

5:00 Welcome and storytelling program

Storytelling is a powerful tool for amplifying truth, changing the narrative, and promoting healing.  It can propel us to times and places long ago and far away, and take us on imaginative journeys through the experiences of others.  With the “What is OUR Storytelling” event, we join others across the country commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Guests are invited to first tour the RACE: Are We so Different exhibit at the Chicago History Museum to learn about race and its history as an idea, the role of science in that history, and the findings of contemporary science that are challenging its foundations.

After touring the exhibit, enjoy drinks and delicious small bites and then proceed to reflect, enjoy, and learn from our storytelling program. Curated and supported by Goodman Theatre staff, a
small group of TRHT Greater Chicago design team members will share their story, a reflection on how they understand and experience the significance of MLK and his legacy.

A portion of the $20 ticket will go to support the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation initiative in Chicago.

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